White Rabbit ZEN TP-32BNC

The reliable node that provides multiple legacy 10MHz/xPPS timing outputs.


It is the versatile standalone node that provides the White Rabbit features to a wide range of applications making use of its redundant connections. The WR-ZEN TP-32BNC easily distributes time and frequency to other equipment by implementing standard timing protocols such as PTP, NTP, IRIG-B, etc.

The WR-ZEN TP-32BNC combines ultra-stable clocks with low jitter and temperature compensated clock resources to enhance its synchronization accuracy. In addition, it includes a fanout module to synchronize multiple devices through standard 10 MHz and PPS.


– Sub-nanosecond time accuracy.
– Remote configuration and monitoring.
– Distance range: over 80 km using fiber.
– PTPv2, Sync-E supported.
– Robustness & Redundancy.
– Dynamic calibration.
– Xilinx Zynq Family ( ARM Dual Core)
– 32 BNC configurable outputs divided in 2 groups:
A&B: 10MHz (xPPS under license)
C&D: xPPS, IRIG-B with selectable 50Ω termination


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Upgrade from v2.x to v3.x in WR-ZEN