Astrophysics Facilities Collaborations

Seven Solutions collaborates on multiple Astrophysics facilities providing customized and high performance DAQ, TDC, synchronization and high bandwidth data network devices.
Our experience on the field allows to our team to participate on these facilities from early stages, offering solutions and consultancy services for the overall design of the network architecture, RF frequency dissemination over fiber, low latency distribution of trigger signal or high speed pattern detection mechanisms.

We currently participate on experiments as KM3Net, SKA or CTA. See next sections cases as successful examples of collaboration.

KM3NET Project

The Cubic Kilometer Neutrino Telescope, KM3Net, is a future European research infrastructure that will be located at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. The key characteristics or KM3Net are:

– It will search for neutrinos from supernova remnants, gamma-ray bursts or colliding stars and will be a powerful tool in the search for dark matter in the universe.
– Arrays of thousands of optical sensor modules will detect the faint light in the deep sea from charged particles.


Seven Solutions has actively collaborated in the design and customization of the timing system developed for KM3Net. We have contributed to the design of the network topology as well as the customization of White-Rabbit technology according to KM3Net specific requirements. Main Tasks:

  • WR Switch customization towards KM3Net requirements
  • PCB design
  • Boards production (review, fabrication, coordination, quality, assessment, traceability…)
  • Boards test suite and timing calibration.
  • Gateware/Firmware, etc.
  • Support and training.

WR in KM3Net: Onshore Station, key features

  • Just one downlink is shared by 360 DOMs -> Broadcast or Slow Control Link.
  • A unique and dedicated upload link per DOM.

CTA Project

In the CherenKov Telescope Array, we have provide our expertise on White-Rabbit and data network to provide a high performance solution.

First, we have designed a board capable to perform timestamps on events with a resolution of 125 picoseconds as well as to send ultra-low latency commands through the network that can be used to detect pattern at high rates and triggering critical control actions.

Second, we also have developed a board capable of traffic aggregation from 1G interfaces to a 10G interface with a second redundant 10G interface. This board works as a very powerful and flexible frame grabber that provides outstanding features to the CTA network.


SKA Project

Seven Solutions has provided a flexible and powerful embedded device (WR-ZEN TP-FL) capable of distributing a precise Pulse Per Second (PPS) signal for the SKA telescope timing system. This work has been accomplished in close collaboration with the Signal and Data Transport consortium (SaDT) and particularly, with University of Granada and Jive researchers. It is a very challenging project that takes place on a dessert environment, distributed over an area with distances longer than 100Km using aerial optical fibers exposed to extreme day/night temperature variations.

We have collaborated on the support of the White Rabbit technology towards achieving a reliable platform specially designed for the distribution of time over long distance links. Furthermore, we have developed new features to provide a better temperature compensation model as the previously described target environment requires to operate soundly. The final solution includes additional capabilities that ease upgrading the system remotely together with enhanced management and monitoring features that improve the usabilityavailability and accessibility of the White Rabbit PPS distribution system.

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