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The OEM WR-LEN is the cost effective node designed to be integrated into your product. By using LEN OEM the timing problem is solved. It is capable of supporting cascade configurations thanks to its 2 SFP ports

WR ZEN-Board

It is the flexible standalone node that offers the White Rabbit features of the different applications, exploiting its redundant connections for a reliable product in timing applications. 


The CPIC (Compact PCIe SerIal Carrier) is a 6U board, with 2 FMC HPC that is compatible with any Compact PICMG CPCI-S.0 rack.


The XMC-HiPSI is a board property of Sainsel . It has been designed by Seven Solutions S.L. in XMC format tohold several serial interface standards (RS422/RS485/RS232) depending on the chosen configuration