FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


You must always connect the blue SFP BiDis matching with the violet one.

In White Rabbit it is essential to have equal cable lengths in both directions, as a single fiber will be used for sending data both directions.

Since the terminals on each side of the fiber are not equal, as the one transmitting “downstream” (from the center of the network to the outside) uses the 1490 nm wavelength (the violet SFP connector), and the one transmitting “upstream” uses the 1310 nm wavelength (the blue SFP connector).”

First you have to turn on the reference device that provides the PPS / 10 MHz signals. After this first device is up and running, then the device that is directly connected to the reference can be switched on. You need now to wait for it to finish locking. This has to be repeated in sequence with the rest of the devices in the topology.

For upgrading the devices, you need to open the web interface and under Management, Firmware Update, then upload the firmware tarball and click on Flash.

In case you want to do the upgrade on the console, just copy (via scp) the tarball to the WR device and then type:

# wrz_flashfw /path/to/release_tarball

In case the device’s display shows that it is entering into Recovery mode, it is required to perform a firmware upgrade under the Recovery mode web interface, that presents a very limited functionality, in which one of the possible actions is to do the upgrade under the Firmware Update section. Further support assistance may be required if this procedure does not work.

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