Timing for Finance

At the core of electronic trading networks

Seven Solutions offers a comprehensive time synchronization solution that provides the best-in-class synchronization accuracy for the next electronic trading generation.

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Main features:
– Sub-nanosecond time synchronization
– Metro area time synchronization
– Multi-protocol interoperability (NTP, PTP and White Rabbit)
– Multi-source time references for GNSS back-up
– Unprecedented latency and performance measurements
– Enhanced data quality in distributed environments

A present technology designed for the future

Seven Solutions offers a comprehensive time synchronization solution that provides the best-in-class synchronization accuracy for the next electronic trading generation. Our technology achieves sub-nanosecond accuracy in order to deploy a first-class core synchronization network for the most exigent “low-latency” infrastructures. Our WR-Z family is interoperable with multiple time synchronization mechanisms (NTP, PTPv2, WR and PPS) allowing the integration as a commodity technology in heterogeneous networks that mix high-performance network devices and general purpose equipment.


White Rabbit is a present technology designed for the future. It is the basis for the High Accuracy profile in the newest IEEE1588 PTP standard, leader in high-accuracy timing in science and a potential candidate for GNSS backup applications in critical infrastructures. Its unprecedented accuracy enables inter-datacenter deployments to protect the timing and to boost distributed trading.


HATI integration with Arista MetaWatch

White Rabbit is an ultra-accurate IEEE 1588 (PTP) implementation that achieves sub-nanosecond accuracy. Designed for use in avionics, telecommunications, space, defence and scientific facilities, White Rabbit has become the gold standard for time distribution within electronic trading networks. Leveraging the best of breed across two technology stacks with integration of the Seven Solutions HATI core (High Accuracy Timing IP) with Arista MetaWatch providing sub-nanosecond timestamping
in conjunction with accurate, precise and reliable timing.


White Rabbit for Electronic Trading

Deployed by trading firms both to improve accuracy and precision within and between co-located trading locations, White Rabbit leverages the latest technology to improve electronic trading decisions, data science, back testing and real time latency monitoring.

White Rabbit for Exchanges

Deployed by exchanges initially to improve accuracy and precision to and within their matching networks.
White Rabbit also introduces significant benefits including better transparency to exchange participants, high resolution timestamping for network latency monitoring and the ability to monetize time distribution as a service to market participants.

White Rabbit for Managed Service Providers

Deployed by service providers to improve monitoring capability, including accuracy and precision within their infrastructures, White Rabbit is also being used by service providers to democratize high resolution time based services to their client communities.

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