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WR Z16


New Features

  •  tmgrd: update leap-second file (valid until Dec-2022)
  • tmgrd: allow survey mode instead of passive mode to retrieve offset of non-active WR source
Bug Fixes
  • hw: fix io output driver for BNC v2.0 and FPO v2.0 expansions
  • hw: correct calibration to remove the 8ns offset for FPO expansions
  •  hw: update lmk configuration to remove the 1ns offset for FPO v1.0 expansions
  •  hw: fix bitslide calculation by improving reset paths for wr-zen family
  • hw: improve gtp reset mechanism to avoid sporadic indeterminism at reboot
  •  tmgrd: fix NTP to report proper VCS code during GM initialization
  • tmgrd: properly announce clock class when GM enter in HO
  • tmgrd: add new VCS (20210,22210,22211) to properly report when GM enter HO
  • tmgrd: fix GM HO fast delock trigger in spll not properly reported by tmgrd
  •  tmgrd: fix 10MHz alignment by syncing PLL when GM reaches lock or FR initializing
  •  tmgrd: increase wproc timeout to avoid error when ppsi/ptp restart
  • ppsi: initialize and improve updates of PTP datasets from ktmgr (smooth HO transitions)
  •  ppsi: remove periodical (120s) PLL sync in GM/FR to output a neat 10MHz signal
  • ptpd: improve slave locking time (and unlock condition) when running without license
  • ptpd: increase default threshold for lock/unlock adev to avoid random unlocking
  • spll: improve IRQs to avoid losing TRACK_PHASE if many peer-ports are simultaneously rebooted
  • spll: fix occasional failures of GM entering FR instead of HO
  • sys: fix incorrect date in the wrz_logdump file names
  • sys: fix kconfig regular expression while reading parameters with similar module oid

WR Switch 3.4.

  • Fixed USB flashing broken in v5.0
  • make menuconfig fixes [1518], [1525], [1584]
  • SNMP fixes [1590], [1632]
  • Webinterface fixes [1528], [1570]
  • PPSI pre-master fix




What’s new from v2.3.x… Since it is a complete design change, the changelog of this version can be summarized in the following points:
  • Timing redundancy: the v3.x incorporates an innovative system capable of handling with multiple timing sources in order to ensure the continued operation over possible failures in the active time source. This functionality is supported under the following mechanisms:
    • Fail-over algorithm (FOCA): it allows to automatically switch to the next predefined time source once a failure in the active one is detected.
    • Optional Holdover module support: the holdover module allows to minimize the time drift (~1.5us/24h) in the situation of a full outage (all external references have failed).
  • Improved PTP interoperability: new PTP profiles and configuration options have been included, such as the Telecom profile of PTP (G.8275.1) and Sync-E support. Plus, PTP is available not only in the Ethernet interfaces but also in the SFP ports.
  • Enhanced monitoring/management system tools, including an improved web GUI and SNMP capabilities which include a combination of smart alters and traps. The LLDP protocol has also been integrated to provide automatic topology discovery.
  • New Security mechanisms: TACACS+/RADIUS have been integrated to enable remote authentication for networked access control through a centralized server. The secure version of most of the protocols such as SFTP, HTTPS, SNMPv3 has been implemented and a firewall has been incorporated to provide a robust system against malicious users.
  • Many bug fixes such as : reduce unexpected reboot, reduce SD card corruptions, improve WR link stability, improve HO trigger conditions, etc…
  • ptpd: reduce spikes when multicast devices are connected through a “noisy” non-PTP switch.
  • ptpd: improve compatibility with p4l by eliminating wrong 37s offset when switching from passive to active master.
  • logging: improved by saving information periodically in SD storage and between reboots
  • time: time and date are stored between reboots to improve time consistency
  • wr: RX buffer overflow fix for WR-PTP frames
  • calibration: PPS and the 10MHZ outputs uncertainties fixed
  • tp: Adding FMC-FPO support for zen-tp
  • tools: adding fsck.ext4 to enable repairing corrupted SD card
  • www: add images of BNC/DB9/SMA connectors into “Timing outputs” panel
  • ntp: fix possible random offset due to race condition when using GM mode
  • all: improve calibration to reduce total offset when cascading several devices
  • misc: fix deleting password when using factory reset
  • tp32: remove missing fan warning when mounting new mini_exp v2.4
  • tp-fl: adding support for new HW (v2.4) with FAN and RJ45 UART RS232
  • tp/tp32: calibration and new gateware for GTP fix
  • ntp/gm: fix many corner cases that could cause up to 2s of difference while setting NTP to WR at startup
  • ntp: fix possible random offset due to race condition when using GM mode
  • inux: patch mtd-spi flash to use non high-paging mode (the QSPI flash could not be read at reboot without a power cycle)
  • wr: GTP reset fix for link up issues on the WR SFP ports (gateware and softpll)
  • www: set IP configuration as readonly when DHCP is enabled
  • collectd: fix spamming message on log due to bad hostname modification
  • healthing: lcd: add monotonic timers to handle time jumps with screen saver
  • hald: fixing fdelay with rare case of pc9954 badly written
  • ppsi: enabling ktmgr alignement when track_phase/gm_locked
  • init.d: fix verbose mode and add it to ppsi/healthingd and gnssd
  • init.d: Pipe all rcS script to logger and multiplex it to console and systemlog

IMPORTANT: When updating from old versions execute this command $> flashcp /media/boot/BOOT.bin /dev/mtd0 -v
After this process, the system could require a power cycle because of the update of the ROM.

  • ptpd: fix setting system time when PTP is in slave mode
  • snmp: enum are exported as number instead of string
  • www: fix boolean enum from json
  • www: improve how errors are handled


Version 16
  • New SoftPLL with shift compensation
  • Forwarding packets between SFP. :S.
  • Tri-Ethernet module working
  • Communication between 5 sides working; ep0, ep1, lm32, eb, eth.
  • RTU (Routing Table Unit) in FW.
  • 5 triggers module include.
  • Re-synchronization problems fixed.
  • T_hold and T_setup times adjusted for ETH chip.
  • Double lobe fixed.
  • The reference clock doesn’t have double lobe either.
  • GW-info module included
  • PTP default profile compatible (no high precision)
  • Trigger DB9 (Checked)
  • Preamble shrinkage
  • buffer at the rx uart
  • sfp match added
  • Back eth port issue fixed. AXIS-2-WB problem.
  • UART improved: Copy-paste allowed.
  • FPGA Temp added.
  • AD9516 programming loop solved.
  • Warning printout about RAM is fixed.
  • Compatible with the new flash memory.
  • PPS GM alignment fixed.
  • IRIG-B module has been improved: leap seconds from WR & new ID.
  • Complete reset from SW.
  • The Minic-FIFO issue fixed


  • gnss: fix setenv memory leak that causes gnssd killed by OS
  • pps interrupt to sync the linux time with hw time
  • convbin: fix bug with lost measures when converting RAW data into RINEX.
  • gnss RAW export info txt start date is correct now
  • gnss RAW is now exported without time jumps.
  • boot.bin: update boot procedure and fixed bug at startup or reboot
  • logrotate: add logrotate which fixes the RAM overflow when browser keeps open.
  • tmgrd: fix 10mhz disabled at startup (not synced)
  • fix some bugs with wr_date, causes offset of +-two seconds