A versatile FMC card with digital IO functionality


The FMC DIO 5ch is the 5-bit port digital IO card in FMC form factor. Each single-bit port can be configured individually as input or output.

The FMC DIO 5ch allows the user remotely controlling other equipment by sending digital outputs and retrieve an input level between 1V and 5V. In addition, one of the inputs is able to drive a global clock net in the carrier’s FPGA.


  • I/Os on LEMO 00 connectors TTL compatible.
  • Used in a wide set of application when it is plugged within an FMC carrier (i.e. SPEC board).
  • Clock input to be used as GrandMaster(with PPS).
  • Compatible with SPEC, SVEC, WR-ZEN Carriers.
  • Available as Open hardware.


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