High Accuracy Timing IP Core (HATI)


The High Accuracy Timing IP Core


The HATI (High Accuracy Timing IP) is a FPGA core intended to enable sub-nanosecond synchronization accuracy to a third-party hardware when it is connected to a Seven Solutions’ device by using 1G/10G optical fibre links (Figure 1). The core is based on IEEE-1588, Sync-E and precise clock compensation to achieve it. This design is integrable in optical 1G/10G ethernet links without requiring any external hardware.

It is necessary that each network element holds a FPGA straight connected to the port which will receive/distribute the synchronization from/to the network since the HATI core needs to introduce and recover certain traffic flow which will be the source of the synchronization process.

It allows the distribution of the time and frequency within a sub nanosecond accuracy through standard optical fibre for distances up to 80 km (Figure 2). The HATI core provides determinism delivery of timing information for time-critical applications by using Ethernet optical fibre links.

In addition, this link can be used to transfer standard data such as UDP/TCP packets without affecting the synchronization quality.

As the HATI core needs to be placed in a FPGA and there a significant list of available FPGAs, the module just has been tested and evaluated on a limited list of devices. The HATI core is compatible with the Zynq family (Zynq Family 7, Zynq Ultrascale+) because a processor is also needed for running the HATI daemon.


Sub-nanosecond accuracy.

Distance range over 80 km without calibration.

DWDM compatible.

Dynamic compensation of asymmetries caused by weather conditions.

Minimal data bandwidth consumption.

Easily integrable and compatible with the Zynq family (Zynq Family 7, Zynq Ultrascale+).

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