Quality and Environmental Policy

SEVEN Solutions offers timing and synchronization solutions for distributed equipment and instruments, time transfer, and frequency distribution through optical fiber for large scientific facilities (particle accelerators and radio-telescopes) and relevant industrial sectors for society.

With more than ten years of expertise in embedded systems design (electronics, firmware, software, etc.), we have already worked successfully in different sectors such as telecommunications, energy, space, defense, and scientific facilities as particle accelerators and radio-telescopes.

Quality is for SEVEN Solutions a differentiating and recognizable element from the very beginning. Thus, we can ensure our results consistently with a sustainability approach throughout the whole activity.

SEVEN Solutions is aimed at process management and risk based thinking to ensure control and improvement of those processes, the integration of our staff in their development and the compliance with the commitment to take care of the environment and prevent pollution so as to make our customers as satisfied as possible.

The Managers of SEVEN Solutions have established an efficient organization system based on processes and their interactions by means of the compliance with the requirements established on rules UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE EN ISO 14001:2015, adapting them to our production processes, activities, and services.

Our aim of promoting the continuous improvement culture of our services and products will be implemented through our specific aims regarding Quality and Environmental issues established and periodically revised by the Managers.

  • SEVEN Solutions assumes a serious commitment to find out the needs and expectations of our customers and interested parties to achieve their satisfaction, also undertaking to take care of preserving the environment and to develop an environmentally friendly management within our possibilities as a company.
  • Our company is aware that quality does not derive from inspection, but from a correct and comprehensive planning, execution, and revision of the works on a periodic basis.
  • The Quality of our services and products is based on understanding and meeting at all times the expectations of our customers to achieve their highest satisfaction rates.
    SEVEN Solutions has effectively implemented an Integrated Management System, so that the principles and commitments of this Policy are widely spread, understood, developed, and daily updated at all levels within our organization.
  • SEVEN Solutions ensures a comprehensive compliance of the applicable environmental regulations and laws and of any other requirements signed by the company, also meeting the requirements of our customers, with a high flexibility to adapt to them.
  • In SEVEN Solutions, all possible reasons for defects or flaws in processes or procedures are identified and removed, contributing in this way to a higher efficiency of the Integrated Management System.
  • Quality and its improvement and our Care for the Environment will hardly take place if human resources are not improved. Due to this, the Managers of the company will focus on staff competence and skills at all levels.
  • Our company undertakes to implement a process which continuously identifies and assesses all environmental aspects of the company as a tool for preventing any risks and continuously improving environmental issues.
  • SEVEN Solutions establishes and revises all environmental and quality objectives and goals on a periodic basis, so that they comply with the stipulations of this policy.
  • The promotion of an active participation of the staff in the Management System is considered to be of outmost importance. Therefore, our staff is encouraged to take part in training and information activities, to detect and manage risks, nonconformities, and corrective and improvement actions, offering them communication and participation channels.
  • In SEVEN Solutions, we develop continuous strategic analyses of our environment, sector, and business which help us identify opportunities and risks, so as to be able to tackle the latter in the best possible way.

To do so, the Managers will provide to the organization the necessary technical, economic, and human resources for the compliance of this Policy, which will be revised on a yearly basis so as to verify whether it is appropriate for meeting the established goals and for the context and purpose of the organization.

This Quality and Environmental Policy is released for the staff working at the company, using all necessary means for it to be understood and implemented. In the same way, it is available for all interested parties.

The Managers, through this policy, state their firm commitment to reach and maintain continuous improvement in all activities and it ensures that the principles of the company which are proposed here are understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels of the organization.

Signed by: the Managers