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a worldwide timing network at the NS RANGE

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Our Timing Services

Seven Solutions offers its customers a wide range of services to accompany them throughout the design and implementation process of the final solution.

High Accuracy Timing IP Core (HATI)

The HATI (High Accuracy Timing IP) is a FPGA core intended to enable sub-nanosecond synchronization accuracy to a third-party hardware when it is connected to a Seven Solutions’ device by using 1G/10G optical fibre links

White Rabbit Z16

The reliable precise time fan-out for White Rabbit distribution on 1G Ethernet-based networks.

WR Switch Low Jitter

The new version of the White Rabbit Switch including hardware improvements to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of time and frequency distribution.


The fundamental standalone node that provides the White Rabbit features to a wide range of applications making use of its redundant connections.

White Rabbit Switch

It is the first commercial available device developed with the White Rabbit (WR) Technology.


It is the versatile standalone node that provides the White Rabbit features to a wide range of applications exploiting its redundant connections.


The reliable node that provides multiple legacy 10MHz/xPPS timing outputs for all equipment in your rack cabinet through White Rabbit time transfer and its redundant connections.


White Rabbit GNSS Receiver High performance GPS grandmaster clock and network time server capable of distributing GPS Time or UTC using WR networks.


It is the competitive WR alternative capable of supporting daisy chain configurations. It allows a cost effective solution to distribute PPS/10MHz signals or IRIG-B protocol to your equipment.


It is the solution consisting on a set of WR-LENs that offers synchronization over daisy chain configurations, distribute accurate timing from one node to others, synchronizes IRIG-B compliant devices or take advantage of the WR network.