Starting kits for developers interested in the White Rabbit solution


The KIT SPEC is the smart solution composed by two nodes. Each node uses one SPEC and one FMC-DIO card that operate as input time- stamping or programmable output pulse generator. The following formats are available:

  • KIT SPEC-B: The basic one (without SFPs, wires, etc..).
  • KIT SPEC-S: The standard one. Ready to play.
  • KIT SPEC-A: Designed for advanced users and conceived to test the dynamic auto-calibration of White Rabbit protocols under variable external conditions. Includes 5 Km optical fiber rail.

This kit should only be considered as a getting started kit, you should not plan to use it in larger/final production deployment as one of its main components (Genumm PCIe chip) is obsolete.


  • Sub-nanosecond time accuracy.
  • Thousands of nodes.
  • Distance range: over 80 km.
  • 4-lane interface on the PCIe side.
  • LPC FMC mezzanine slots.
  • Time stamping input channels.
  • Time triggering digital output pulses.
  • Network Interface Card (little) over 1Gbps link.
  • Include WR PTP core v4.2
  • Support Ubuntu LTS 16.04.6 (v.4.15.9) and 18.04.2 (v.4.18.0-17)


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