LLRF CompactPCI Serial

LLRF CompactPCI Serial

A fully digital LLRF controller with enhanced timing capabilities


As a reliable and accurate solution, the LLRF controls and tunes the RF accelerating field in  the cavities of the accelerator. The different power levels at the RF chain output are controlled by the LLRF, which provides the correct RF drive to the amplifiers in order to reach the required amplitude and phase of the cavity field. 

This flexible and cost-effective solution includes key functionalities such as feedback and feedforward loops, frequency tuning and continuous wave, pulse and beam modes, mechanical cavity tuning, conditioning mode, fast interlocks management, post mortem analysis, etc… The structure of a LLRF system is described on this figure:  


– Modular design with all functionalities integrated in the same module, rack or standalone. Flexible, reconfigurable, and customizable system.
– Continuous Wave and Pulse mode operation supported.
– Control features: Amplitude and Phase Feedback loop, Frequency Loop, Amplitude and frequency loop, mechanical tuning, configurable ramps in pulse mode, temperature drift compensation …
– Fast interlock system for emergency stop based on digital I/O Usage of White Rabbit Technology for time distribution, compatible with Seven Solutions Timing System interfaces in order to generate programmable triggers or provide accurate events timestamps.
– Enhanced Post-mortem analysis.
– Use of EPICS as a remote control system framework.
– User friendly interface for operation which can be customized.

The usage White Rabbit synchronization, accurate data acquisition and multiple distributed LLRF parameters optimization has never been so easy, and makes the synchronization of this solution the best-in-market.


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