Seven Solutions and Marubun stablish a partnership in Japan towards addressing industrial deployment of Ultra-accurate time transfer using White Rabbit

Seven Solutions, the world’s leader in ultra-accurate timing distribution and synchronization announced today a distributor agreement with Marubun to address sectors such as Telecommunications (5G) and Finance in the Japanese market.

Seven Solutions (, has been developing White Rabbit as an ultra-accurate time transfer and synchronization solution for the last 7 years and deployed it all around the world in many scientific and industrial facilities, pushing the boundaries in deterministic synchronization over Ethernet-based networks to the nanosecond range. This White Rabbit technology was born in the high energy physics segment, mainly pushed by leading scientific organisms such as CERN and now is being introduced by Seven Solutions on the next generation of telecommunication networks and industrial markets.

Marubun Corporation ( is leader in Japan in efficiently adapting, integrating and supporting high end technological international solutions for diverse market segments. Marubun has intensively tested the performance of Seven Solutions equipment with different experimental network topologies and measurement equipment. The obtained performance is outstanding in terms of time distribution accuracy in the range of the nanosecond which matches the most demanding customers’ requirements in different segments. Timing is at the essence, since Japan gears up for the Olympics Games (in 2020) in Tokyo and is working intensively in the deployment of 5G networks. The ultra-accurate time distribution capability of Seven Solutions allows meeting the requirements of 5G networks, that cannot be fulfilled with other industrial products.

This agreement between Seven Solutions and Marubun Corporation will marry the best integration and support capabilities of Marubun Corporation in the Japanese market with the best-of-breed White Rabbit products of Seven Solutions to enable a highly demanding timing segment to natively integrate nanosecond synchronization capabilities and deterministic timing. This collaboration integrates the advantages of the time transfer and synchronization outstanding performance of Seven Solutions products with the technical support and integration capability of Marubun for end customers in Japan.

Javier Díaz, CEO of Seven Solutions, said “White Rabbit is a smart solution for ultra-accurate time distribution and synchronization able to fulfill the most advanced needs for the incoming industrial timing. This new agreement with Marubun will enable fast adaptation and integration in Japan by customers in different industrial segments such as new solutions for Finance and 5G networks in Telecommunications”.

Tomoyasu Hirose, Director Sales Department 4 of Marubun Corporation, adds “The integration of Seven Solutions White Rabbit products in the Japanese market will be facilitated by our long expertise and strategic contacts in the target segments. We aim to drive this technology push to the highly demanding time and synchronization segment”.

About Seven Solutions

Seven Solutions S.L. is the worldwide leader of ultra-accurate time distribution and synchronization solutions through White Rabbit technology. The company got involved in its development from the very early stages towards translating the concept into actual outstanding time distribution product and now accounts for more than 7 years of expertise in its development, customization, deployment and more than 200 customers worldwide as early adopters of our solutions powered by White Rabbit technology. In addition to the most advanced White-Rabbit equipment, Seven Solutions provides calibration, deployment and support for setting up telecommunication networks at datacenters or over networks of a hundred of kilometers and thousands of nodes. This enables the provision of next generation of deterministic industrial timing based on IEEE-1588 protocols and Ethernet networks.


Seven Solutions has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement n° 725490)

About Marubun Corporation

 MARUBUN CORPORATION, founded in 1844, is a trading company providing, domestically and internationally, the cutting-edge electronics products such as semiconductors and electronic application equipment. The Company is also engaged in the provision of maintenance and technical services for electronic appliances. Since establishment, MARUBUN has focused on the industry and R&D field based on electronics technology, providing the best products, information and service leading to our competitive advantage and improvement of customer satisfaction.

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