Products for Particle Accelerators

Control and diagnostic for particle accelerators

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Seven Solutions offers its customers a wide range of services to collaborate with the most demanding and more challenging scientific facilities .

LLRF CompactPCI Serial

As a reliable and accurate solution, the LLRF controls and tunes the RF accelerating field in the cavities of the accelerator.

Beam Positioning Monitor (BPM)

The BPM system is an accurate and fully programmable solution which provides information on the horizontal and vertical position, beam intensity and beam phase.

White Rabbit-Based
Timing System

Seven Solutions offers a Timing System specifically designed for Particle Accelerators.

uTCA / Stand-alone LLRF

Our digital RF stabilization system is available on the uTCA or stand-alone form-factors for best in-class LLRF solutions.

Master oscillator 10 MHz reference

The low noise Master Oscillator 10 MHz Reference (MOR) is a device able to provide up to two 10 MHz outputs with very low noise

Local Oscillator Distributor (LOD)

The “Local Oscillator Distributor” (LOD) is a double 1:16 ultra low-noise RF signal splitter