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Seven Solutions is widely known as a world-wide leader on accurate sub-nanosecond time transfer and frequency distribution as well as having high expertise on advanced control systems for particle accelerators. With more than ten years of experience in the field, in Seven Solutions we are proud to have collaborated on many breaking-through challenges all around the world, providing best-in class and highly innovative solutions for the most demanding scientific facilities.

Seven Solutions already provided Low Level RF control systems, Beam Position Monitor and timing solutions to our customers including relevant institutions such as CIEMATCERNF4ESARAFITER or ESS with outstanding performance. As key references, we highlight: 

Collaboration with CERN in the framework of the OHWR repository. Seven Solutions is the original designer of the Open hardware White-Rabbit switch as well as the international leader on this subnanosecond time transfer technology. White-Rabbit is the key ingredient of our Timing Systems for Particle Accelerators. From a purely scientific idea, we transform into an industrial solution. It is now part of the IEEE-1588-2019 High Accuracy profile and widely used on many industrial segments thanks to our products ecosystem.

RF control system design for the IFMIF project. We have intensively collaborated with F4E and CIEMAT In the design of the LIPAc LLRF system as well as BPMs diagnosis elements including novel mechanisms for digital frequency dissemination. We also provided design for the upgrade of key elements of the LIPAc timing systems as well as on-site/off-site support for engineering activities based on the use of EPICS software and Fast /Slow Control elements. 

On-site Assistance for ESS for microTCA boards integration (firmware and drivers) as well as timing system support.

Image extracted from IFMIF Project

Our team of highly skillful engineers master the following expertise areas:

– Ultra-stable low-noise RF electronics
– Customized or standard crates (Compact PCI-e Serial, uTCA or standalone solutions).
– Real-time embedded system based on the latest FPGAs and SoCs.
– Individualized Control system Solutions based on EPICS frameworks (including EPICS 7).
– Radio-over-Ethernet for highly stable frequency dissemination and time transfer based on White Rabbit & IEEE-1588 protocols with sub-nanosecond accuracy.
– High reliable and real-time diagnosis and post-mortem analysis.
– Adaptive Fast-control systems.
– Deterministic Ethernet Communication (Time Sensitive Networking).

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