RECOMP project was an European project funded by the ARTEMIS platform (Project Call 2009-1) , an embedded systems network. As its name indicates, the project focused on reducing costs in certification (and re-certification) of safety-critical systems and mixed-criticality systems by using multi-core platform in the frame of avionic, automobile & industry.

The project relied on a consortium of 40 technological institute/company and university in order to improve the various steps of certification: Co-design & integration of HW/SW for safety critical system, virtualization, motorization of applications, functional modeling for certification. Seven Solutions frames-up in the avionic and industrial groups where its main goal was to provide the AION platform: HW, firmware compononents, drivers and simple software. With this platform in hands, the partners of the consortium developed their tools and software for avionics applications as sense and avoid and industrial control examples for the Danfoss case study.

Activities carried out by Seven Solutions:

  • Study the requirements associated with critical systems: following certification standard DO-254, DO-178B, IEC 61508. In addition, it included the requirements specified by the consortium and theirs viability in the framework of the ACP platform (WP1).
  • Development of a multi-core platform (FPGA Virtex 6 + ARM9) according to avionics standards (DO-254, DO-178B). Moreover we focus in the integration of tools and software created by the consortium. (WP3)
  • Integration of two different architectures:
    • Microblaze with FreeRTOS multicore and bus monitoring architecture.
    • Leon3 and PikeOS multi-partitions architecture.
  • Coordination and integration of the different steps and work group in the project.
  • Open-hardware strategy, not only during the development of the HW platform (schematics, layouts,… ) but also in the firmware implementation. This allows re-design and thus ease the re-use and development by others research groups.

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Cockpit of a plane as a critical system: