Seven Solutions partners with APC Time to offer customers sub-nanosecond, White Rabbit timing technology in UK

White Rabbit technology provides robust, scalable sub-nanosecond synchronisation over Ethernet networks. This cutting-edge solution has applications within telecoms, fintech, power distribution, scientific equipment, defence, broadcast and data center synchronisation.

APC Time, one of the UK’s leading providers of time and frequency synchronisation equipment, has partnered with technology provider Seven Solutions to offer our customers White Rabbit switches, stand-alone nodes and embedded nodes. These products can work in conjunction with APC’s Meinberg time servers to distribute highly accurate time and frequency synchronisation to thousands of nodes via standard optical fibre for distances of more than 80km.

Seven Solutions has over ten years’ expertise in ultra-accurate timing and synchronisation, working across sectors including telecommunications, Fintech, smart grid, space, defence, broadcast and scientific facilities such as particle accelerators and radio-telescopes. Their products are able to synchronise distributed equipment within a datacenter or over thousands of kilometres with ultra-high accuracy.
Available in the UK from APC Time, the White Rabbit technology range includes:
Stand-alone nodes
Embedded nodes

Mark Broadhead, Business Development Manager said:
“Seven Solutions are at the forefront of White Rabbit technology. Increasingly our customers are seeking sub-nanosecond synchronisation for high frequency financial trades and across broadcast and telecoms network. The adoption of blockchain technology will increase this need further as industry seeks improved timestamping accuracy. APC are delighted to be partnering with Seven Solutions to turn this technology into reality for our UK customers.”

Eduardo Ros, COO of Seven Solutions, said:
“White Rabbit is a smart solution for ultra-accurate time distribution and synchronisation able to fulfil the most demanding needs for the incoming industrial timing. This new agreement with APC Time, a long established company within the time synchronisation sector, will enable fast adaptation and integration in the UK by customers in different industrial segments such as new solutions for telecom and Fintech markets”.

APC Time: