Datacenter Synchronization

Best-in-class synchronization for
datacenter based applications

Seven Solutions can deliver the best-in-class synchronization for datacenters: It can deliver top-of-the-rack high-accuracy synchronization in metro area inter-datacenter scenarios. The White Rabbit (WR) protocol ensures plug & play intra-datacenter sub-nanosecond time synchronization. NTP, PTP and PPS interoperability is supported natively in the White Rabbit ecosystem. Enhanced failover thanks to multiple time sources support, holdover capabilities and remote fiber-based high accuracy synchronization. Datacenter optimized devices including network management and monitoring tools.

Intra - Datacenter

For intra-datacenter deployments, the solution allows high-accuracy distribution of a time reference (GNSS or other UTC reference) across the datacenter with a minimum impact on the time information. Then, the White Rabbit ecosystem supports the most extended synchronization mechanisms and protocols, as IEEE 1588-2008 (PTPv2), NTP or Pulse Per Second (PPS), for interoperability purposes.

The HATI (High Accuracy Timing IP) is a FPGA IP-core intended to provide sub-nanosecond synchronization accuracy by using 1 Gbps/10 Gbps optical fiber links. The core is based on IEEE-1588, Sync-E and precise clock
compensation to achieve sub-nanosecond synchronization accuracy. Its architecture allows to adapt the IP core to different platforms.

Inter - Datacenter

Ultra-accurate time distribution (sub-second time error) over different datacenters allows to have the same time reference distributed among all devices in a designated area.
A local reference can be distributed by using already deployed fiber of any provider.

Reaching more than 100 kilometers on a single hop using dedicated fiber or by sharing fiber on a pair of dedicated wavelengths.
Compatible with your already deployed timing infrastructure through: PPS, PTP, NTP, etc.

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