Timing for Telecom Infrastructures

Seven Solutions offers a comprehensive time synchronization solution that provides best-in-class accuracy for the next generation of telecom networks. Our solution distributes frequency and time information with sub-nanosecond accuracy and pico-second precision to meet the most exigent timing requirements of 5G networks. It is interoperable with a wide range of synchronization standards to allow easy integration with existing production infrastructure for different applications.


– Sub-nanosecond synchronization performance.
– White Rabbit-based technology (basis of the IEEE-1588-2019).
– WR, NTP, Sync-E, PTPv2 (G.8265, G.8275.1) and 1PPS interoperability.
– Local area time synchronization.
– Metro area and beyond time synchronization.
– Multi-source time references for GNSS back-up.
– Holdover.
– Cibersecurity.
– Suitable for DWDM links.
– Remote timing monitoring and UTC traceability services.

Enabling turn-key solutions for TaaS providers

– Time transfer based on next generation of IEEE-1588 protocol achieving synchronization better than 1 ns over more than 100 Kms. Optimize your time budget across the network!
Interoperability with other network and timing protocols including PTPv2 profiles and SyncE
Deterministic synchronization with sub-nanosecond accuracy on chains of 15 hops
– Automatic asymmetry compensation into unidirectional DWDM networks.
– Remote timing monitoring and traceability services.
Cost-effective and resilient solution.

5G Synchronization

With the arrival of 5G, the synchronization needs of telecommunication networks have grown due to the diversity of applications that are provided on the infrastructure. Although it is true that the time requirements are not very demanding so far, the correct timing has become a critical factor.

Using shared fiber in DWDM systems provides a much more cost-effective solution with the disadvantage that the automatic asymmetry compensation is not possible. This is due to elements on the optical path that can change between different infrastructures.

This causes an unknown offset at the timing slave. This handicap can be overcome by using different calibration methods.  The methods depend on feasibility and can be GNSS assisted or stand-alone.

White Rabbit Backbone

There are several protocols (mainly NTP and PTP) to carry out the synchronization of a network, but both are designed to work on data networks and their accuracy is affected by the load on the network and the number of hops in the topology. For this reason, operators could consider developing specific White Rabbit synchronization networks to have total control over time and how it is distributed throughout the network, guaranteeing the correct operation of the system and the services offered on it.

As an added benefit, Seven Solutions devices support a wide range of interoperability options with different interfaces and timing protocols and third-party equipment (Sync-E, PTPv2 (G.8265, G.8275.1), NTP, PPS/10MHz, White Rabbit Integration, etc). These options are relevant for allowing the possibility of extending the capillarity of the network by providing interoperability protocols downstream from the backbone to a lower network stratum.

Backbone Optimization

A network of this type would consist of three distinct layers: the core or backbone, the aggregation level, and the access level, being the backbone the most critical part of the topology since the rest of the network will depend on its resilience, interoperability, accuracy, and precision.

Due to this, its optimization becomes a key and crucial factor considering the tradeoff between cost and performance.


Image property of Zabbix

Seven Solutions has developed specific templates which facilitate the integration of their devices via SNMP with the most used external tools for monitoring and management of networks,
such as Zabbix, InfluxDB, Graphana, Cronograph, etc. This integration, which requires configuration and customization of the monitoring tools, is complex, but once carried out by Seven Solutions,
the client will be able to monitor their system in a very visual and easy-to-use way.

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