Seven Solutions announces successful deployment of White Rabbit

equipment for ultra-accurate time transfer at Deutsche Börse

Seven Solutions, the world’s leader in ultra-accurate time distribution and synchronization announced today that Deutsche Börse deploys and tests the White Rabbit solution for accurate timing in its monitoring infrastructure for the trading network.

Seven Solutions provided the White Rabbit technology, which has its roots in the high-energy physics segment. The White Rabbit technology was developed in collaboration with leading scientific organizations such as CERN and GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research. Seven Solutions now provides industrial-grade solutions to address time synchronization requirements for the next generation of financial markets.

Deutsche Börse uses Seven Solutions’ products to synchronize their packet capture and timestamping devices across the entire datacenter with hitherto unprecedented precision. Accurate time distribution is necessary to make meaningful statements about the relative order of all events.

With this announcement, Seven Solutions shows how ultra-accurate time distribution can be deployed and used in an exchange for ultra-accurate time-stamping towards enhancing the analytics capability of a trading center. This time transfer solutions allows to accurately measure the time elapsed from the order and quote entry to market data being delivered to distributed sites in the datacenter.

Eduardo Ros, Co-founder of Seven Solutions, said “The time distribution accuracy in the range of the nanoseconds matches the most demanding customers’ requirements in the finance segment. Deutsche Börse is pioneering the use of ultra-accurate time distribution over the datacenter towards continuously measuring latency over the network and enhance monitoring and analysis tools. Our solution for time transfer based on the White Rabbit concept allows a multi-protocol and multivendor solution, in which different equipment can benefit of ultra-accurate time distribution interoperability.”

Andreas Lohr, Derivatives and Cash Trading IT of Deutsche Börse, adds: “Time distribution across physically separate datacenter modules – all of which are a considerable distance apart from one another – is a difficult problem. Seven Solutions proved to be a reliable business partner and delivered the technology that allows us to discipline clocks of our packet capture and time-stamping devices with sub-nanoseconds precision. We now have visibility in our network never seen before”.

About Seven Solutions

Seven Solutions S.L. ( is the worldwide leader of ultra-accurate time distribution and synchronization solutions through White Rabbit technology. The company got involved in its development from the very early stages towards translating the concept into actual outstanding time distribution product and now accounts for more than 7 years of expertise in its development, customization, deployment and more than 200 customers worldwide as early adopters of our solutions powered by White Rabbit technology. In addition to the most advanced White-Rabbit equipment, Seven Solutions provides calibration, deployment and support  for setting up telecommunication networks at datacenters or over networks of hundreds of kilometers and thousands of nodes. This enables the provision of next generation of deterministic industrial timing based on IEEE-1588 protocols and Ethernet networks. .


Seven Solutions has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement n° 725490)

About Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse Group ( is one of the largest exchange organisations worldwide and a technology innovation leader among the international exchanges. It organises markets characterized by integrity, transparency and safety for investors who invest capital and for companies that raise capital – markets on which professional traders buy and sell equities, derivatives and other financial instruments according to clear rules and under strict supervision. Deutsche Börse is one of the leading stock exchanges in technology aspects.