White Rabbit ZEN - Time Provider

The dependable standalone node


It is the flexible standalone node that offers the White Rabbit features for different applications, exploiting its redundant connections for a reliable product in timing applications.

It combines ultra stable clocks with low jitter and temperature compensated clock resources to enhance its synchronization. By integrating different FMC boards, the WR-ZEN can provide accurate timing performance to your application.

  • Deterministic time distribution with accuracy 1 ns.
  • Long distances (80kms with standards SFPs).
  • Many hops (14 tested keeping subnanosecond accuracy).
  • Subnanosecond accurate event timestamps (ps for Ethernet traffic).
  • Dependable: redundant network topologies.
  • Future support of: switchover and holdover functionalities for next releases.
  • High scalability.
  • Heterogeneous and legacy timing interfaces (PTPv2, NMEA, etc).


– Sub-nanosecond time accuracy.
– Remote configuration and monitoring.
– Distance range: over 80 km using fiber.
– Xilinx Zynq Family ( ARM Dual Core).
– PTPv2, Sync-E supported.
– Robustness & Redundancy.
– FMC expansion.
– Pluggable fans.
– Health monitoring.
– Graphical user interface.


All programmable solution based on ZYNQ.

Redundant power supplies, Pluggable fans & Health monitoring.


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