The multi-port XMC module


The XMC-HiPSI is a board property of Sainsel https://sainsel.eu/en/. It has been designed by Seven Solutions S.L. in XMC format tohold several serial interface standards (RS422/RS485/RS232) depending on the chosen configuration. It includes asynchronous (regular ports) and synchronous ports (using clock signal).


  • The module can be configured to implement:
    1. 9 asynchronous ports (1 standard full RS232 port, 3 Tx/Rx RS232 ports, 5 RS422 Tx/Rx ports) and 2 synchronous RS422 ports simultaneously.
    2. 12 asynchronous ports (1 standard full RS232 port, 3 Tx/Rx RS232 ports, 6 RS422 Tx/Rx ports and 2 RS422 ports with RTS/CTS) simultaneously.
  • Includes health monitor (internal voltage and temperature).
  • Implements loopback auto-test.
  • Compatible with 64bit Microsoft Windows (from Windows Vista).
  • Compatible with native Windows serial-port device Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Provides specific API for custom applications to access special module features (such as auto-test, character timestamp and port set configuration).
  • Supports speeds from 100 to 230400 bauds in all its ports.
  • Tolerates up to 2.5% of external port speed deviation.
  • Includes robust ESD protection on port pins and port short-circuit protection.
  • Includes application software for configuration, and exhaustive module and data transmission testing.


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